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car restoration dustless blasting

dustless blasting of rust and paint

Auto Blasting

Enviro Blasting Mobile dustless sandblasting is drastically faster than sanding and soda blasting. It is the latest technology for the United States of America, which is relatively new in Australia. Because the water reduces friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping like there is with other conventional blasting methods. Additionally when the Rust Inhibitor is used properly, chlorides are removed, leaving a perfect paint ready surface. Dustless blasting eliminates the warping issue caused by sand blasting, and the paint adhesion problems caused by soda blasting. It’s faster, cleaner and more enviromentally friendly than other paint stripping technology available.

Car restoration is more than just a hobby. Enviroblast are experienced in restoring all kinds of car parts for 4WD’s, vintage cars and street machines. Our experienced team can clean your panels, wheels, bull bars, nudge bars, side rails, roof racks, springs and much more. We can also blast trucks, earth moving equipment and right through to skip bins.

We use high pressure dustless blasting to bring your panels back to their former glory. The best part is we come to you so no need for towing costs.

Swimming Pool Renovation

Is your pool in need of a renovation – the quickest and best way to remove calcium stains and get the surface ready is dustless blasting, its safe and environmentally friendly

blasting swimming pool

remove graffiti with dustless blasting

Graffiti Removal

Whether its removing paint from brickwork to return them to their former glory,  in preparation for rendering, graffiti removal, or re-painting. We can also remove grafitti from rubber playground flooring.

Line Removal

The Enviro Blasting team can remove lines from car parks, and other surfaces such as concrete or bitumen.



Dustless blasting is perfect for antifoul as our process has no impact on the environment  or  surrounding  area where people may be working. It has the ability to remove rust and antifoul. The blasting pressure can be turned down to as low as 40 psi – which is ideal for working with fibreglass and alluminium.

remove antifoul from boats

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